mom made food

Hello! I’m Elisabeth, but friends call me Elsa. 

In Lebanon, where I grew up, my family lived through wars, embargo, scarcity and infrequent access to food, and yet we were never hungry and never unhealthy. 

Our food used to be made from, well, real food. Ingredients were grown in gardens, not in facilities. Meals were prepared by humans, not machines.

For us, sharing food was both a necessity and a pleasure. When we had more than we needed, we would offer it to the neighbour who did not. When we made something extra scrumptious, it was an opportunity to invite others around to enjoy our creation.

It also occurs to me that we seemed to have a healthier relationship with food. The acts of preparing and eating meals left us energized, not tired. 

With Le Ganuj, I'm reviving the traditional culinary delights of Lebanese cuisine: simple, fresh and healthy food, made with love. In our Lebanese dialect, Le Ganuj is a mix of French and Arabic, meaning "The Pampered One." And that’s precisely how you’ll feel once you experience our take on succulent Lebanese food.

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Can't wait for you to try my freshly made food.